Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Silent Night....Holy Night....

Shhh....Santa's sleeping ....he needs all the rest he can get.  He's going to have one super long long busy night in front of him....so he takes the chance to snooze when he can.    hehehe..let's just quietly tiptoe around my house to see my Christmas decorations.

Halo I and Halo II.  No...I didn't name them that.  I used to collect Beanie babies. No no no...not when I was little......when I was an adult...when I was a mother.  Yes...I collected Beanies.   I started off collecting the Skansen Beanie Kids....and had quite a good collection include Blackie the Expo Bear number 1!!!  Then I got a bit bored with Beanie Kids...so I sold off my collection...co-incidently to the mother of a girl who would end up being Jordan's classmate!  So I started collecting Ty Beanie Babies.  I still have quite a lot of them!  So yes...Halo 1 and Halo 2 come out once a year during the Christmas time.  They're so pretty!

Garlands...I have two.  One stretching across the top of our sliding doors in the family/computer room.  And one more on the other end of the room....in the L window of the loungeroom.  I bought the Garlands a while ago and when I change Christmas decor colours...I have to redo the garland as well.  Love love love the beaded wire stars!!

I did these a few Christmases ago.  When Basic Grey first brought out their bauble kit...I had to get it and even assembled them at work while the baby napped.  That first christmas, those paper balls were displayed in a big wide bowl on my dining table.  Then the following Christmas, BG brought out those star ornaments....had to get those too...and I assembled them and then bought the silver spinning diamonds and orbs and put it all together with fishing line and hung them from the ceiling.  OK...DH helped a lot with that task.  I have two clusters of these ornaments.  4 strings in my loungeroom...and then 2 strings in the dining room.  I love the shadows these cast on the walls at night.

More to share later...toodles!!

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