Tuesday, December 16, 2008

While Santa slumbers.....

Went to Chadstone on the weekend to get this vase and bowl.  Surpringly enough...I don't have vases or glass bowls.  I have a shit load of tupperware.  Must be the mother of 3 clumsy boys in me that makes me tupperware inclined.  Anyways....I really wanted clear bowls and vases for my shiny baubles...so shopping time.  Came home and couldn't wait to set it all up.  Pretty silver bells in the hurricane vase and pink and silver shiny baubles in the salad bowl.

Then yesterday I found these cane balls.  White cane balls.  Do you know how hard it is to find these????  I don't either....I've seen them in dark brown and green....but not white.  So had to snap up half a dozen of them.  Pwetty pwetty!  I think I might string them up and hang them from the ceiling and might add a ribbon on the cane ball too.
Yesterday this arrived in the mail.  It's my EB secret Santa gift.  Gorgeous gorgeous Jingle Bells wall hanging.  Gorgeous colours with a smidge of bling and some transparency stars which are in the lower right hand corner.  Jo also spoiled me with a voucher to Lincraft!  New trimmer here I come!!!

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Felicity said...

Oh your photos look like something straight out of Vogue homes :) love you SS gift. You lucky thing.