Thursday, December 04, 2008

It all starts with a letter to Santa....

Yes, it's scary how close Christmas is!!!  I'm not ready for Christmas.  I still need to make another dozen or so cards.  I haven't put up the christmas tree .....not because I don't want to...anyone who knows me knows how much I love christmas.  I can't put up the christmas tree because I don't have room for it.  My tree is very touches the ceiling and it's not one of those slim trees.....I need to reserve around 2m square for the base of the tree.  And I don't have a spare corner in our living areas that big!  So I don't know what I am going to do.  I made a little advent christmas tree for how it turned out.  Maybe that can be our tree?  It's the spirit that counts right???

Anyways, before I forget and before I do something silly like post this on another blog (which I did *blush*) is my letter to Santa....inspired by Mich.

Dear Santa

I've never written to you before and I don't think you know who I am. So why now are you receiving a letter from a 40 year old who is definately not a child anymore? Because of my friend Michelle Vass. See, she might pick me to win a prize if I write a letter to you. So why not....I might get a pressie from you and I might get a pressie from her. It's a win win situation right? I honestly thought coming up with a wish list would be very easy...but it was hard. Really hard!

Ok...with the naughty and nice list....let me tell you Santa....honestly...sometimes I'm naughty ...I'm no saint....but I'm mostly nice. Let me explain... I'm a Mum.....I like to think I'm a great Mum...I cook, clean, drive, teach, ....and then I also yell and ignore them from time to time. Still...more nice than naughty. And....I've also been a wife for 21 years...yes...anniversary was last Friday. 21 years.....definately nice right? As a friend....I think my friends will vouch that I am more nice than naughty (girls....those shopping sprees and tempting you to buy don't hold that against me do you?).  Santa, I'm happy to leave it in your capable hands and let you be the judge.

If you think I am nice...nice enough to get a visit from you on Christmas eve....I would love to receive:

1. Sizzix Big Shot - I know I have the cuttlebug...but I also love the Bigz XL dies.

2. Coluzzle starter kit and the nested circle templates 

3. For something non scrapbooking related....a subsciption to Real Living magazine would be appreciated (Jane F got me into this one!)

Thanks Santa!!

From:  The more Nice than Naughty Ruey

ps...did you hear about the dyslexic satan worshipper?  He sold his soul to Santa


Jorja said...

Hey Santa, Ruey is definitely more nice than naughty....I can vouch for you need to get her what she wants from her wish list then I can use them too ;)....Am I being naughty??

Laura said...

I love that advent calender. I think it is gorgeous! :)