Sunday, December 07, 2008

Shania in the spotlight!!

Yay...issue 73 of For Keeps Creative Paper is finally out.  Big congrats to Vita for her amazing cover!!  All the projects look fantastic together!!

Anyways....I was asked to do a Finishing Touch Ideas advertorial focussing mainly on their embellishments.  hehehe...can you tell how much fun I had?  I love brads...and I really was in my element.   I was really pleased with how the layouts turned out.  Love love love those cutie pie pics of Shania.  And trust me....this little girl is not very girly at all.  I'm always in stitches watching her antics on facebook.  Thanks Sis for taking lots of videos for me.
I also did a Craftools advertorial on the Tonic Cutting system.  This system was lots of fun and really easy to use.  Totally love the wavy cutter.  And's a bright bright Rose Moka New York layout.  Man....I love this layout...yah...I know it's simple...but all the colours really sing to me!!

And last project in the mag is this....a summer party feature.  Icy pole invites, lolly baskets, lolly bag and sunny boys!!  This is the first time I have ever had so much stuff in the one mag.  And I'm sure it wasn't planned I was asked to do the things fairly spaced apart.  But it was good. 

Friday was another impromptu scrapbooking night.   Mich, Vita and Lyndal came over.  Vita gave us a pizza box tutorial - yay...another cutesy little thing I know how to make!!  The main reason for the impromptu crop was that I was itching to I invited Mich around so I could use and abuse her brand new zutter...yes it was brand new...still in packet new....brand spanking new.  But of course....I let her use it first and then I had lots of fun with it.

I wanted to make notebooks and mini albums for family and non scrapping friends and for teachers etc.  Little token whipped these up.  Well...I just cut and zuttered things!  I also did 3 christmas albums and 4 post it note holders.  And these are just notebooks and minialbums which are super easy to make.  I have a lot of 'system cards' which go into index file boxes.  So those lined sheets are my pages.  With the notebooks which are bound at the top, I've just bought some cheap notepads from the elcheapo shop and just made covers for them.  It's not that I am trying to be cheap....I just want something that is useful.  A non scrapbooking person might not appreciate a mini album which they have to fill out themselves...but everyone needs notebooks and post it note holders.  Handy gifts which are easy to make.  It's a win win situation!!

I have more to I'll take more pics tomorrow to share.

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