Thursday, April 27, 2006

Happy 15th Birthday Jarryd!

My 2nd son turned 15 on the 25th April...Anzac Day holiday. He's a lucky boy being born on a public school on his birthday!! It was amazing that the hospital booked me in for a caesar on a public least 2 months before he was born...even surgeons get rostered to work on a public holiday....that kinda sucks for the surgeon huh? You'd think that after all those years of study...being a big shot doc and all and still have to work on a public holiday....not that I'm complaining at all.

Anyways....he had a lovely day...he went out with friends all day and came back in time for dinner with family. My in laws came for dinner as well which was great. Menu was chosen by Jarryd as per tradition.....filipino noodles (pancit), chicken schnitzel and caesar salad. Dessert was 'The Amazing Chocolate cake'....which is an idiot proof 9 min moist chocolate cake which cooks in the microwave.

Ok....back to scrapping....I have done a few things over the last couple of days. Both were for online challenges at EB. The last of 5 challenges posted last gotta be proud of myself for finishing what I committed to last friday night.

One of the challenges was to do an OTP item which is flat....originally called for a Canvas...but extended to include anything flat. Since starting to do 8.5x11 pages....I have been looking around for an luck ( too Shirls!).....especially when I decided that my BOM layouts now will be 8.5x11....I still have some 12x12 decided to make my own BOM which can also double as a portfolio if I want to use it as that. This item is also my trend watch layout for another online forum M4M. This lo was inspired by this shop window....big no no to take photos in a shopping centre...particularly of a shop I had to use Jeromel was my decoy. LOL

Inspired by:

And this is my creation...complete with sequinned flowers:

Anyways.....have to rush off to work now.....I have something else to show....but will do that tonight after work. Thanks for looking!!


Shirls said...

OMG, Ruey. LOL. I love that store's window display and try to detour there to have a look. Even most of the stuff in there are good inspiration for scrapbooking. LOL about you getting Jeromel to pose in front of the shop.


Michelle W. said...

Happy Birthday to your son!

Yay for the pages! It looks amazing!

mich said...

Love the sequinned flowers! And yes.. cheeky cheeky you, using Jeromel's innocence. LOL...

aidaville said...

Gosh Ruey, what good looking boys you have !! Happy Birthday to Jarryd.

I love the LO and the big flowers, just lovely !!!

Sri said...

Beautiful Ruey!

WOW!! Couldn't believe you have a 15 year old son. So handsome!