Sunday, April 23, 2006

Paint my Love & My Daddy

Joseph put our Michael Learns to Rock VCD on in the loungeroom on Saturday and listening to it brought back so many memories. When this song came totally inspired me with it's lyrics and immediately thought of doing this for my BOM challenge and do an artsy fartsy painted background.

This is one of our favourite songs from the album which was popular waaaay back in the 90' Michael learns to Rock which is a European group that was huge in Asia...but I believe not so popular in Australia.

Paint my love
you should paint my love
it's the picture of a thousand sunsets
it's the freedom of a thousand doves
Baby you should paint my love

Since you came into my life
the days before all fade to black and white
Since you came into my life
Everything has changed

I am soooo not artistic at all...and this was my 2nd try. My first try didn't sit right with 1am I nudged Mich on messenger and after a short discussion in which we criticised the layout to bits......I binned it and started again. I am much happier with this layout......simple, meaningful and colourful.

Do you like the heart??? It's from the Fancy Pants swirls pack...and I coated it with Derivan Matisse Red Dimensional Paint......then when it was dry...put some rub ons on it. It's sooo pretty and shiny. Love the Dimensional Paint.

I did this Daddy lo last night for an online forum sketch challenge. Decided that since I have done a few on my mother....tee hee...better do one for my Dad he doesn't feel left out or feel that I favour my mother. It was hard finding photos of Dad and myself because Dad was the avid photographer in the family. Dad was always into his gadgets....for a chinese man in the 1960's...he was pretty up to date....he had his camera...his various other gadgets...his first car was a Morris Minor....pretty cool huh. I guess he got quite a bit of influence from the time he spent in London as well when he was doing his course. In fact....if my parents had not gone to London...they wouldn't be parents. Mum had a prolapsed a lot of miscarriages before the proper diagnosis was made in London....a simple operation and then they had me!! the papers I chose for this layout....I got Mich to do the chinese characters on her computer for me. I only know very very few words in Chinese as I was english educated (sad huh!).


ti said...

love all the colors in your LO and the way you did your title.

Kylie said...

I love your layouts as usual! Are you going to let me hire you to finish my girls' albums?? After seeing your work, there's no way I could attempt them, lol!

Shirls said...

YOu have been busy, Ruey. Great layouts! I remember Michael Learns to Rock!!! Went back to M'sia in 2000 and they were playing it in all the pubs!


mich said...

It was I who criticised the 1st painting attempt to bits... sorry....I'm really harsh, huh? But I thought you weren't going to bin it, thought you were going to save it in a special album to remind yourself what not to do? kekeke..... In any case, this one looks fantastic! And your Daddy's LO is actually very good. The pics are soooo cool! Don't think my dad ever had cool pics of him and his first car! I think my next visit home will be for me to bring back all the family albums that have been cold storaged in Mum's bedroom.

aidaville said...

I like both LOs, they are different and tell interesting stories. The Dad LO shows lots of work, love the colour and the alphas.