Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My amazing son....

Yesterday I brought home a vegie box from work for Jeromel to play with....he's the type of child who is the happiest when he has scissors, sticky tape, textas, crayons, empty boxes, egg cartons to play with...these things keep him busy for hours. Very into arts and crafts...I guess he takes after me. This is his creation today and I am just gobsmacked...

He made a rocket ship....front panel has a steering wheel, tv, various other gadgets that make the rocket go.

The back has his name....the 'hot' things were the fire comes up....and he even made a licence plate....tee imaginative. He made the white circles out of paper plates.

Even space explorers get he has a cup of lemonade and some macca's chips....tee hee...macca's in outer space...rofl. This is the same panel as the steering just flips up....sort of like an aeroplane. tee hee

His left hand windows....that is his daddy waving goodbye and good luck.

This is his right hand panel with lots of buttons to press.

Thanks for looking!!!!


mich said...

OMG.... that is hilarious!!!! He is very imaginative and creative indeed. For a 5yo to have such a comprehensive concept, and be soooo detailed.... you have an artist in the making. Convert him to scrapbooking!!! bwahahahaha!!!!

Shirls said...

Don't you just love imagination that kids have.


Kylie said...

Wow, what an amazing creation. Jeromel has such an wonderful imagination!