Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I've been tagged....

Thanks Shirls...this is my first ever tag too!! Tee hee....bit overwhelming and nearly forgot to do it.
Ok....5 things about someone

I have to do the source of my greatest inspiration.....Michelle W.

1. Her blog is sooo interesting...this girl has the gift of the gab and is soooo sweet.
2. Michelle's layouts are absolutely fabulous....always something new, funky, colourful and outstanding.
3. Her Rock On layout had me frantically looking everywhere for epoxy stickers. End up spending a small fortune with a US scrapping first time. Package arrived will do layouts soon!!
4. She's on the DT for Prima which makes such delicious flowers......have to admit..there is one design that I don't like.
5. Michelle is such a doting mother to beautiful Cassandra. You go girl!!!

Ok....I am tagging..
Aida Edmary Marr Sri Clara

Done....all finished!!


Shirls said...

Hey Ruey. Thanks for picking up the tag. Michelle will be flattered you did one on her:) Which store did you buy from. I'm waiting on my order of the latest Autumn Leaves incl. the book. They sent it off today.


Ruey said...

Hey there Chickadee

I bought from Cropping Paradise...and their service was sooo good. I ordered on the 13th...and with the time was shipped the same day and I got it today. First time ordering from the states...hey...share where you buy from as well. Let me know when you are ordering next ok...maybe I tumpang your order. LOL

JavaScrapper said...

howdy doody Miss Ruey! you tagged me huh? hehe...that's so fun, Thanks! liking your latest quickie LO. so sweet:)

Michelle W. said...

OMG!!!! I saw this and I'm really really amazed!!! Thank you so much for this!!! For you to say I'm your greatest inspriation! I'm not worthy!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I've made my day if not a week! lol


aidaville said...

Tag Done ! Gosh, I am so long winded ......

clarii said...

Tag done over at my blogspot blog. Have decided to migrat over too :) Now i have to figure out how to add you ladies so tat i'll be informed of new posting. or is there such features/ :)