Saturday, April 22, 2006

{Love} & Brothers

Did another layout tonight on my parent's wedding photo. My mother has her own wedding photo album...but a few years back....she found some extra ones and gave my sister and I a few photos each. Since then...they've been sitting in an album...and lately I have this urge to scrap them.....they're such lovely classic photos. I wish I had some nice wedding photos like these....I adore sepia/b&w photos....such a timeless classic appeal.

Had to do a b&w layout for a virtual chose this photo. I have this thing for white cs atm...and wanted to use urban couture for the wedding layout. So decided to cut the flowers out of urban couture...and would you believe hands started it was a sin to cut up urban couture!!!! over that one quickly....tee hee.

It was hard to think up a title for this layout....or rather any of my parents wedding photos. Bit of a parents are still married...but not father is in Brunei while Mum is here with me. Very confusing...but the main thing is that they both love us all very much. I respect them for the choices they made and I love them so much. But it just makes it soo difficult to choose layout titles. I can't use - Forever, Eternity, Hope...etc Hahaha! Any ideas?

Also did another layout today....for an Earth Day Challenge. Basically....can only use PP at all (to save trees - lol)...and must include fabric. So I did a layout on my hubby Joseph and his brother Brice.


Shirls said...

You DO love BG Urban Culture A LOT! I think this must be your 3rd layout with the paper? I love it too but I think I have a problem scrapping with BG!! Titles? What about their names? Or a poem or quote?


Ruey said... pien lah....u know what...I was sooo fixated on Urban Couture that I bought 2 sheets of every sheet they now...must use it up...hahaha

Shirls said...

YOu are too cute, Ruey. I think I only bought 2 sheets of when the first series of Urban Lily came out. I did buy duplicate of other manufacturers but only by mistake because I don;t know what I already have.LOL.YOu asked me b4 where I purchase from from US. is good and when you check out choose normal mail and ask her to quote airmail. There is shipping discount if you buy more than $75 (too easily for me). www.lifetimemoments is good too.


clarii said...

ruey nice lo. esp love the lo you did for your parents. maybe i shd go dig and scrap. but then i already have so much backlog kekekee