Monday, April 17, 2006


Quick little layout started yesterday and finished off this morning for a M4M challenge....had to do a layout for BOM starting with I AM NOT. LOL...after lots of soul searching....I decided to do a fun layout.

Journalling reads:

1. I do not obsess or dream about chocolates
2. I do not like ALL chocolate
3. I do not have to eat eat chocolates everyday

VERDICT: I am not addicted to chocolates and therefore not a CHOCOHOLIC

BUT: I love good quality chocolate, there is a big difference. In actual fact, I am a chocolate snob. Good chocolate should be dark, smooth, slightly bitter, not overly sweet and not have nuts or soft centres. Don't mess with a good thing. Definately quality over quantity. Chocolate should be firm and melt slowly, tantalising my tastebuds until my mouth and tongue is covered with molten eyes close in brain stops in a moment of paralysing stupor. Chocolate has to do all that and more to make it on my 'to die' for list. 1.Haighs 2. Lindt 3. Terry's 4. Max Brenner's

This was such a fun layout to do....I HAD to buy props for my I already had my Max Brenner's chocolate drops for my just had to get a Terry's orange and a Lindt dark chocolate bunny as easter pressies for hubby and me! LOL...not enough time for a mad dash into Haighs to pick up some chocs for the photoshoot. When I was setting up for my photoshoot....Joseph had to come over and start I left him in charge of the photoshoot...with specific instructions to make sure that in the photo...can see the glow of the candle and the hot chocolate in the suckao. Being the perfectionist he is...he got out the big camera tripod...adjusted lighting....and 20 mins later....I had toooo many photos to choose from and an overly hot hot chocolate. LOL...was nice that he got involved and helped me with my layout.

Truly though....I am not a chocoholic......I like very few chocolates and am ultra fussy.......I can talk chocolate with you for hours........but when I go out.....I choose coffee over hot chocolate (maybe ordered hot chocolate only about 6 times in my life). I would choose tiramisu, pavlova, sticky date pudding over chocolate cake. I've never had a chocolate fondue or anything from a chocolate fountain.....because ....I think...the chocolate can't be that good if they can melt so much of it. Hahaha....tee hee...and those things are usually milk chocolate...not my choc of choice. I would choose to have a small square of fantastic dark chocolate than a bar of milk chocolate. For milk one and only weakness is a Whittaker's Peanut Slab. Since my son is allergic to is something that I haven't indulged in for a long long time.

Am I fussy???????????


Shirls said...

Great idea for a lo, Ruey. WE have about the same chocolate taste!!! I like expensive chocs too and COlin always has to get them when I'm upset with him...hehehe. Love Hersheys too but don't see them here in OZ?


aidaville said...

Chocolate, a great topic, yummm !! If you ever come to Singapore, you MUST get a chocolate fountain to wow your guests at parties. Have added your blog to my favourites *grin*


Ruey said... am not a fan of Hersheys at all. Dunno why...maybe I haven't tasted one that I like. can buy in the USA food store somewhere in Bentleigh...exxy...but satisfies the Hersheys cravings.

Aida....we have chocolate fountains available here....only $ would cost me a fortune to fill with chocolate that I approve of...that's the problem...and good chocolate...cannot keep warm for a long time. Can't mess with a good thing..tee hee

mich said...

FUSSY???? That is an understatement of the millenium. Can't believe after all that you told me about that chocolate place at Southland, you didn't want to try it because you think the chocolate can't be that good if they can melt so much of it??!!! I'm never gonna listen to you again.

And, Joseph a perfectionist??? I'm glad you both are a couple!

Michelle W. said...

hmmmm... chocolate...

that's all I heard from the whole post! lol

love the layout!


Shirls said...

YOu've been tagged, Ruey. I've just had half a pack of M&Ms and 2 Ferrero Rocher. It's all your fault..LOL.


aidaville said...

Hmmmm, you are right - the choc conventure for the fountains can't be that good if it's for melting. I love chocs, the Belgian ones (to me at least) are the yummiest from chocolate boutiques like Chocz, Chocolattier, or Sin.

But I'm not THAT fussy - Kinda Bueno or Rocher will do as that's what's in the fridge for the girls *heheh*. Love Reese's peanut butter cups (Hershey ?) but can hardly find them in Singapore now.