Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh what a day!!!

This layout was done as a challenge in which we had to document a day in our life. I chose Tuesday because it is my busiest day. This was a last minute layout for 2nd A4 layout....and since this is for my BOM will be A4.

This leads me up to....what a day I had yesterday. I work as a nanny 3 days a week and yesterday....the baby was sick.....some sort of tummy bug. Had to change nappies many many times but the worst was the vomitting. I hate the smell of vomit....I will choose poo over vomit....I will choose garbage over vomit....give me any other smell and I will deal with it....vomit is a smell I can not cope with. O was so sick and his vomits were so a volcano erupting....I was covered in vomit from shoulder all the way to my shoes. My pants were plastered to my legs. And I had no change of clothes...even if I did....I wouldn't have had time to change into them...too busy changing the baby, cleaning up the puddles of vomit everywhere....doing laundry etc. Worst work day EVER. When I came home....straight into the shower and then spritzed perfume all over me...and even then...I could still smell it....had to bury my nose into coffee beans. Anyone for coffee???

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Kylie said...

Ooooooooooooh, you are one brave woman with all that vomit!!